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Greetings to all our returning camper friends, and those of you who may join us this year!

Phil, Coni, Rachel & Amanda
We continue to be grateful to everyone who comes to stay with us. Thank you! We appreciate the feedback about the website. It helps us know what people would like to see on it. We hope that what you find here is helpful, and that if you cannot find the information you are looking for, that you will let us know.

Phil has continued to be busy after the closing of the camp. Leaf cleanup was unusually tough this year due to the weather. But, it is all done, and the leaves are baled! All 360 of them! Currently, he is waiting for the ice to freeze over so that some fishing can be done. When he isn’t at the campground enjoying his new shed, he is running the girls to their activities.

Coni resigned her position with the Brainerd School District this June. She is now a full time campground employee, who sometimes gives her new boss a run for his money! She even got on the tractor and helped with the baling of the leaves! She is very happy to devote her full attention to all of the campers, and the girls as well. It is so nice to NOT have a color coordinated calendar and to be able to run the girls more easily. However, in order to get her kid fix, she still substitute teaches. She is truly enjoying her new shift.

Rachel is a freshman in high school. She is enjoying her new experience as a high school student! Rachel got her permit this fall and is in the midst of learning all about driving in Minnesota winters. She continues to stay active in volleyball, softball, orchestra, band and piano when she isn’t reading or on her phone! She has graciously afforded her father the opportunity to grow more gray hairs. She is doing very well with this.

Amanda is a seventh grader who continues to do well in school. She enjoys playing flute and piano, as well as figuring out technical difficulties for her mother, father, and anyone else who happens to ask questions. Amanda stays active with downhill skiing and softball. She turned 13 this year – which she said was, “A big deal!” Amanda has now joined the ranks of texting teens with her new/old phone! Her new best friend is Gus.

Gus has gotten soooooo big! Phil says, “Coni finally got her lap dog.” Gus is 8 months old and eats everything in sight. Including socks and gloves. We are all having a blast with him, and cannot wait for you to see him when you come to the camp.

Here is what was new this year at the camp!
Phil built a new floating dock for the seasonals this time around! He is keeping to schedule on updates to the camp! He, Darrel and Brad also installed new Frizbee Golf equipment this summer. With any luck there will be electrical updates in the spring of 2018. A week was spent trimming trees – which is a never ending job, and landscaping sites with the attempt to grow grass this fall. We shall find out this spring if they will reap what was sown. As always, there were also trees planted throughout the camp.

Okay, because this was well received last year, we thought we’d do it again:

Top 10 Things of 2017
10. Sandcastles were built
9. New Frizbee Golf
8. Coni got a new golf cart
7. New floating dock was put in
6. New babies came to camp!
5. No storms!
4. Water fight out back
3. Kids found the dirt pile
2. Darrel out fished Phil!
1. GUS!!!!
1+ Chub stopped to visit!!!!!!

Because we are always impressed with you, we are going to put this in again:

We are thankful to the great campers who joined us again this year. We are so grateful that you choose to come stay with us, and are impressed with the manner with which you conduct yourselves. You help us keep the park family friendly, respectful, clean, and fun. We realize that we have a lot of rules to follow, and we appreciate the consideration you have for us in following them. It is a wonderful testament to the clients we have, as well as the friends they bring with them. Our newbies continue to share their compliments to everyone who camps alongside them. Thank you to everyone who sends new campers our way. We sincerely appreciate your patronage, support and kind words. Thank you for respecting our campground, environment, and regulations.

A couple of years ago, we asked our campers that if they brought a rug, that it stay on the cement pads so that would keep/grow as much grass as possible. It continued to make a difference again this year, so this is going to become a standard practice in our campground. Thank you for your cooperation.

Stay safe everyone! We hope you all have a wonderful season until we meet again, or meet anew.
Drive carefully!
Phil, Coni, Rachel and Amanda


See you soon!

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