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Greetings to all our returning camper friends, and those of you who may join us this year!

Phil, Coni, Rachel & Amanda

Thank you so much to everyone who continue to provide us with feedback on what you would like to hear, or see, on our website. We continue to receive many questions about who are we outside of the campground. So here goes…

Phil is in constant motion, even during the “off” season! He can be found building, remodeling, painting, welding, and fixing on anything and everything – and typically doing more than one of these at a time! This year he is happily planning where everything will fit in the new shed that was constructed this past season – including some recliners and a tv….hmmmmm. If you wander down there, don’t be surprised at what you may find! When he isn’t running around at the camp, he is chasing or chauffeuring the girls.

The girls take school very seriously and are growing up quickly – as many of you who have children can relate to. Between sports, music and academics, the running never ends, which is why it takes us few days to get back to you sometimes.

Coni continues to teach AND enjoy it! The girls love her teaching as it keeps them off the bus for rides in and out of town. The only hope of going south is spring break each year. Coni makes sure that each message that is left is returned, as well as emails. However, it sometimes takes a few days, depending on what the girls have going.

Busy? You bet – but we are thankful to all the folks who come back, and are grateful to the new folks we talk to, and want to come camp with us! We always try our very hardest to get new camping families in, but we do fill up quick. Don’t be afraid to go on our call back list though, because we do work off of it when cancellations happen.

Okay, because this was well received last year, we thought we’d do it again:

2016 Top Ten Things at the Camp
10. Shed was built
9. Kids learned to wakeboard/waterski
8. New puppies were brought to the camp!
7. Baby turtles were caught and released
6. The bear grew a mushroom.
5. New friends were made – AGAIN! Who would’a thunk it?
4. Loved ones were remembered and honored
3. Lavern and Sheldon (the ducks made friends with everyone!)
2. Card playing in the lodge!
1. Brad made employee of the year!

Every year, there are so many cool things that happen; it just makes the summer fly by! We are thankful to the great campers who joined us again this year. We continue to be impressed with the folks who come to stay with us. You help us keep the park family orientated and respectful. We realize that we have a lot of rules; most of them are common sense to help keep the park clean, safe, fun and respectful of each other, ourselves, and our environment. Thank you to the friends who bring friends with them, or send good folks our way that respect our campground, and appreciate our regulations to help keep our park in good standing. We appreciate your patronage, endorsements and support.

We strongly encourage folks who are new to our campground to take a peek at the Rules and Regs page before making a reservation with us. We do enforce the rules and our quiet hours – no matter what day of the week, or if you have stayed with us before. We expect all our guests to be respectful and courteous of the rules and quiet hours that are established for everyone who stays with us.

Changes to the campground this year:

More trees trimmed, more trees planted, more grass planted, shed was completed, new fences, and a new dock is being constructed.

Last year, we asked our guests to refrain from using mats/rugs on the grass – and what a difference! There was grass throughout the season for campers! The tent sites are always dirtish – but the camper sites did well. So, we will continue to ask that the mats/rugs stay on the cement patios this year because the comments from the late season campers were complimentary to preceding campers.

Take care everyone! We can’t wait to see you all again, and to meet you newbies!
Drive carefully!
Phil, Coni, Rachel and Amanda


See you soon!

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